Present CBD Sparkling Water

New Client Special

New Client - 1 Week Special
-Valid for Cycle and Strength Group Classes
-Activates upon first booking
-Open Studio not included
-Expires 30 days after purchase if not activated

KinStretch Classes

KinStretch Drop-in

Fundraising Events

Fundraiser Ride- $25

Drop-in Class

Drop-in Class
5-class FitPass (Exp: 5 months from purchase date)
10-class FitPass (Exp: 10 mth from purchase date)

Flex Memberships

Flex Essential
-Up to 4 classes per monthly payment
-Auto-renews until canceled
$59.00 /month
Flex Preferred
-Up to 8 classes per monthly payment
-Auto-renews until canceled
$99.00 /month
Flex Pro
-Up to 12 classes per monthly payment
-Auto-renews until canceled
$129.00 /month
Flex Top Tier
-Unlimited classes each month
-Open Studio Access upon email request
-Booking opens 14 Days in advance
-Auto-renews each month unless canceled
$169.00 /month

Open Studio

Open Gym Drop-in
Founders Open Studio Credits
For Open Ride/Open Gym only. Not applicable to instructor-led classes.
Open Studio Membership
SUF Cycling Virtual Rides and TRX Guided Workouts.
No instructor present during Open Studio Sessions
Orientation is required.
Please reach out to (303-591-1441) prior to making purchase.
$29.00 /month

Private Kettlebell Coaching

10 Private Coaching Sessions

Gift Cards

Buy a custom BreakAway Longmont gift card